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We offer the web's largest names collection with meanings. English names, German names, French names, Arabic names, African names. Search for names and their meanings comfortably.


We offer more then 5.000 surnames and their meanings or origins. You can here also find majority of most common surnames in the U.S., U.K., France.

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Here you can find name for every girl in the world. TOP 10 baby girls names, English girls names list, German girls names list, French girls names list, Spanish girls names list, Brazilian girls names list, Russian girls names list. Give your baby girl the best possible name.

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Here you can find name for every boy in the world. TOP 10 baby boys names list, English boys names list, German boys names list, French boys names list, Spanish boys names list, Brazilian boys names list, Russian boys names list. Give your baby boy the best possible name.

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It's easy to find right name day, you want. American name day calendar, Russian name day calendar, French name day calendar, German name day calendar, Italian name day calendar, Polish name day calendar, Swedish name day calendar, Finnish name day calendar, Austrian name day calendar, Hungarian name day calendar, Czech name day calendar, Slovak name day calendar, Norwegian name day calendar, Danish name day calendar, Spanish name day calendar, Greek name day calendar Search our collection of world calendars.

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Search for inspiration or information involved in popular people, characters and their names. Names Nobel Prize Winners, Names from Shakespeare, Names The First Ladies US Presidents, Names US Presidents' Kids, Names US Presidents, Celebrity Names

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The Random Name Generator is a simple fiction writing tool to create character names. Name generators can be found here. You can make nickname